Mattress Reviews on Various Types of Mattresses

Consumer mattress reviews about the advantages and disadvantages of mattress types, sizes, and brands. A consumer survey names the best-rated mattress.

Consumer Search claims to be the UK equivalent of Consumer Reports in the US. The organization investigates a variety of popular products. The company provides on-line product ratings and reviews, based on owner and expert reviews, such as the best crock pots, best white and red wine, and best treadmills. On this site you can also find some very helpful mattress reviews.

CS lists the disadvantages of a coil spring (innerspring) mattress:

  • If the mattress has a pillow top, owners complain that “…pillow tops go flat long before the mattress is worn out.”
  • The mattress doesn’t retain body heat as efficiently as other types.
  • The mattress is not as durable as other types, and “should be replaced every 8 to 10 years.”
  • The mattress is “more prone to sagging.”
  • More body motion is transferred which may affect light sleepers or another person in the same bed.

Memory Foam Mattress: Advantages & Disadvantages

The memory foam mattress “consist of a layer of 1 to 6 inches of viscoelastic foam glued to a thick polyurethane base,” according to CS. The “best known” manufacturer is Tempur-Pedic, however, other manufacturers offer “similar versions at a lower cost.” The prices for a quality memory foam mattress start near £100, but you can find some brands at more than £2,000.

Memory foam owners provide more favourable reports than owners of innerspring mattresses. This mattress type is “more durable” than coil the mattresses. CS reports these memory foam disadvantages:

  • Too firm for some owners.
  • Bed retains too much body heat.
  • The bed is too hard and heavy.
  • This type of mattress “may produce an unpleasant odour when new.”

Latex Foam Mattress & Air Mattress Review

A latex foam mattress has long been “popular in Europe” and this type of mattress is “relatively new to the UK market,” according to CS. Latex foam is “springier than memory foam.” Latex does not retain as much body heat as memory foam, and is more durable that a coil spring mattress. The latex is biodegradable and more environmental friendly due to latex being biodegradable. The mattresses start at about £900 and the king size could cost £2,000 or more.

An air mattress uses adjustable air cushions for custom support. “Like the Select Comfort Sleep Number bed,” the air mattress bed can be adjusted for firmness differently on each side. The CS article states that some customers report this mattress is uncomfortable, and there is a “noticeable trench” between the bed’s air chambers.

Mattress Sizes & Mattress Discounters

“The most popular mattress….[size] is for two adults…” according to Guide Views. They advise that a mattress “that is too small” will lessen the quality of sleep. Mattress shoppers should consider cost, the type of mattress best for the buyer, and “where to buy.” Guide Views recommends buying from a large and reputable mattress shop over smaller local shops.

Consumer Search recommends that mattress buyers educate themselves about types of mattresses, sizes, cost, and the most consumer popular mattress warehouse manufacturers.