Moving Home with Kids Doesn’t Have to Be Traumatic

Moving is stressful at the best of times, moving with kids is often like something out of a horror movie! If handled right though, moving can be made a lot easier. Depending on the age of the children, there are a few ways to make the whole transition much less difficult for the kids and for yourself.


When you have kids, preparing anything beforehand is imperative. When it comes to moving it cannot be stressed enough how important it is.

  1. Depending on the age of your child, talk to them about the move. Explain where you are going, why and how you will get there. This can help put them at ease.
  2. Moving is stressful for adults, kids pick up on what is going on around them. Instead of racing around cursing, yelling at the removal company and anybody else within earshot, try to stay calm. This is where being prepared and beginning to pack as early as possible can save a lot of stress.
  3. When packing for a move, give the kids their own boxes to pack. Being part of the process helps make the transition easier. Yes, there will possibly a lot of furtive repacking while the kids are asleep but if they think they are helping it will make things a lot less chaotic for yourself.
  4. Learn about where you will be moving to. Get the kids to have a look for clubs, groups, skate parks or anything else they are interested in to get them excited. Let them make a list of the things they would like to do when they arrived. This may not work with a moody teenager but with younger kids, it helps.
  5. If your child is of school age, be sure to have all records ready for the new school so that the first day goes off without a hitch.

During the Move

Be sure to pack enough things for the kids to do on the way to your new home. Devices loaded with movies, games, colouring books or music can all help while away the hours and help take their mind of the fact they are moving.

Try and keep your own emotions under control so the kids don’t get stressed. Be as positive and upbeat as you can – definitely not easy but it is worth your sanity having happy kids!

After Moving Day

Try and sort the youngest family members rooms out first before thinking about the rest of the house. Try and stick to a schedule which is as close to what they were used to with meals and bedtime.

As soon as possible, get out and about to explore your new surroundings. Visit parks, shopping centres, playgrounds or other places that your child enjoys. This will help to familiarise them with their new neighbourhood.

If your kids are old enough, encourage them to keep in touch with old friends via video chats, phone calls and social media.

Children are resilient, and while it may take some time to adjust, before long hopefully the whole family will be settled and thriving, sanity intact!