Slicing Meat the Easy Way – How to Get Very Thin Slices of Meat

Getting the meat sliced thinly requires a certain finesse, because the meat has a wet slippery, soft texture.

Maybe the most important tip anyone can give regarding slicing meat is keeping the piece in the freezer for half an hour or an hour. This doesn’t mean that the meat should be frozen solid. For this period of time in the freezer it will be just hard enough for the cook to slice it fast and easy.

For example, chicken breasts or boneless thighs will need 45-60 minutes in the freezer to become quite firm. Other meat will require a bit more time. The meat should never stay in the freezer for more than 2 hours, as that will make it become too stiff for slicing.

Going Against or Across the Grain

One important aspect of slicing meat the proper way is slicing relative to the meat grain. Grain doesn’t mean the cereal people are eating for breakfast. It is easier to understand when thinking of the grain in a piece of wood. Usually slicing diagonally, against the grain will make the steak much more tender and appealing to any audience. A great way to see how this is done is by looking at the steak in the restaurant when it is served. Cooks in restaurants know exactly how to do it best, and it is easy to spot whether the meat has been sliced against the grain or across it.

Using a Meat Slicer Instead of a Knife

All this works great, provided the meat is sliced manually, using a sharp knife. These days, however, kitchens are well equipped with meat slicers. From manual to electric slicers, all have their users and all make the person’s life so much easier when working with meat. Not only at home, but a butchery or a restaurant will have a meat slicer for cutting meat. For them, an electric meat slicer is a godsend.

Although for many individuals, a typical meat slicer has a connotation of blood splattered butchery attached to it, a proper electric meat slicer is actually a hidden secret in many restaurants that offer perfect cut meat for their customers. For example, a beautiful plate of food made of prosciutto, thinly cut bacon and hair-thin country bread is really made so special using an electric meat slicer. A knife just doesn’t do the job as well, no matter how much the cook tries to refine the piece.

Many of these slicers are used nowadays at home in the kitchen. The machines are a bit smaller than the industrial size meat slicers, and they are perfect for any housewife who is spending their time cooking meat at home. Families can save real money with a proper meat slicer. To buy from the deli sliced meat will cost at least 3 times as much as buying the big piece and slicing it at home.

When it comes to organizing the kitchen with the many tools and gadgets any homeowner has, the best is to use a few kitchen cabinet organizers that will instantly give extra space in the kitchen and keep it clean and neat.

Best Slicer For the Money

Meat slicers are available in several sizes and price ranges. Many are available for £100 and with the price, the quality goes up as well. This doesn’t mean that a £99 machine is not of a good quality. A Honda does the job as well as a Mercedes, yet nobody argues that a Mercedes is of a superior quality to a Honda. This is the situation with meat slicers as well. People are the not same and depending on the tastes and budgets, individuals buy at their own particular income level. Thus manufacturers bring out slicers to cater to every budget and taste combination available.

Nowadays there are many different brands and models at or anywhere else on the internet available. Although some are better than others, all slicers have a minimum good quality that a person needs to have in order to cut their meat in a way that is looking professionally cut – even at home.