Top Tips for Ensuring Your Items Are Safely Delivered

It’s obviously important when you are sending a business package or documents with a courier service, that the items get where you want them to safely and on time. Accidents can on occasion happen and items do get lost or damaged in transit. In the following post therefore, we will look at some of great packaging tips to reduce the chances of that happening. These tips are provided by Alan Jeremy, export manager of Versapak International.

Use the Right Packaging Materials

Although our first tip may sound fairly obvious, you’d be amazed how many people choose the wrong materials to pack their items for delivery. Make sure you invest in good quality packaging materials therefore, like corrugated cardboard boxes, jiffy bags, parcel straps, triangular tubes of rolled paper, tough parcel tape and clear labels. Make sure you choose the right size so that your package is not under or overfilled.

Avoid Leaving Empty Spaces

After you’ve picked out the best type of packaging, you need to use something on the inside, to help fill in any gaps around your items. Gaps allow your items to move around in transit and this can lead to breakages. Shredded paper, polyethylene foam, polystyrene chips and bubble wrap are all great choices for providing the necessary cushioning for your items.

Take Care When Using Recycled Packaging

It’s good to recycle and given the cost of even the simplest packaging materials these days, it makes a lot of sense from a cost point of view, not just morally. However, you need to be careful when using older boxes and other forms of packaging. Once cardboard boxes are damaged, even if it’s a slight tear here and there that can be taped up, their structural integrity is compromised. They are less effective. You need to make sure it will be able to withstand possibly being bashed around a little. This is one situation where it may be best to just invest in a new box. 

Furthermore, if you are covering over old labels, you need to make sure you completely cover them over so that the courier reads the correct one and your package goes to the right place. Modern couriers often use automatic address reading systems.

Label Your Package Clearly

Continuing the subject of labels, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you label your packages clearly. Make sure there is no tape covering written parts of the label and that it is large enough to read. It is also good idea to insert a delivery label inside the box too, just in case anything happens to the packaging during transit.

Make Sure Your Items Are Not on the Prohibited or Restricted Items List

Most courier companies have a restricted or prohibited items list. These are items and documents that they cannot carry for you. They should advertise this information, but if you are in any doubt you could always ask the representative you are speaking with at the time of booking, to ensure there will not be any problem with what you want to send.